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Elevation issues
Last Updated 7 months ago

There may be several reasons for elevation issues. They usually happen because of conflicting files, or wrong scenery layering. 

  • First of all, check your P3D Scenery Library layering. Make sure the scenery always stay on the TOP and ORBX, MESH, AI addons are below. This is universal rule that may help to avoid future conflicts.
  • Navigate to your Prepar3D v4\Scenery\World\scenery folder and check if there are any files containing BIKF/BIAR in the name present inside? 
    If there are make sure to change their extensions to .off or move them away to temporary location. 

  • Some AI addons have custom afcads provided, usually with data that won't match custom scenery. If you own Global Traffic by JustFlight please do the following action:
    You MUST deactivate their AirportFacilities in the simulator Scenery Library.
    Custom AFCADS are stored in C:\Users\xxxx\Documents\TrafficGlobal\AirportFacilities

  • Open ORBX Central and run VECTOR Configuration tool

    Run Auto-Configuration and check IF AEC IS DISABLED FOR:

    Press Apply and run you P3D.

  • Use Simple Airport Scanner to scan your airport afcads.

    Open the program:


    1. Select your FS Version (top right)
    2. Point it to P3D V4 Scenery.cfg 


    3. Press scan.
    4. Check the results if there are any custom AFCADS present. 

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