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At the moment the interest is very low and we don’t have any active developments. This may change in the future.

We deliver updates to all the vendors at the same time. Release times may be slightly different.

License transfers are possible only in a few cases:

  • product was ordered from another Vendor before we started cooperation with ORBX (around 4th of September 2020)
  • product was not received as free / giveaway
  • the product must be available in the ORBX store

How to transfer? You may use your serial key number from Simmarket.

Keys on OrbxDirect can be used for:

  • Adding a product to your account
  • Adding your account to a group
  • Adding a discount or promotion to your account


Redeeming a key

Received a key that you need to redeem on OrbxDirect?

First, go to You’ll be asked to enter a key:


Then, enter the key you received (via email, or another channel) and press “redeem key.”

If the key is valid, you will receive a message that says “key redeemed successfully.”


Refund is possible only in case the product was not DOWNLOADED and INSTALLED. We don’t accept refunds in any other cases.

Currently waiting time for developers in the queue is about 4-8 weeks. This means that any updates/releases may happen later than in other vendors.

If you miss lua5.1.dll library that won’t let you uninstall your scenery please download it here and place in your main P3D folder.

Reach us out and open a Support Ticket. Provide your old order number and serial key.

Since our last P3D V4 releases we don’t include a config tool anymore.

The scenery is well optimized and only some customization is possible by selecting installer options.

If you use the ORBX version check the Configuration tab in ORBX Central app.