LaGuardia Airport
for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Welcome to LaGuardia Airport KLGA, the bustling aviation hub nestled near the heart of New York City. With a history that spans decades, this airport has witnessed the evolution of air travel and played a pivotal role in connecting millions of passengers to their destinations. LGA serves as a hub for several major airlines, including Delta Airlines and American Airlines.

Key Features

Quality rendition of LaGuardia KLGA
Detailed terminal interiors
Up-to-date construction and grounds
Working Nool VDGS devices
Handcrafted 3D models of buildings, jetways, and various airport facilities
Custom 30cm/pixel satellite image covering the airport
Elevation data based on high-quality LiDAR scans, including runway and apron profiles
Custom, up-to-date ground polygons with lines, dirt, markings, and other details
Realistic lighting for immersive day and night operations
Custom Points of Interest (POIs) around the airport
AI compatible
AI parking codes


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Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Supported Simulators

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Microsoft Flight Simulator

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